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 The American Institute of Stress

This website has a host of information on stress.


Managing Math Anxiety by Cynthia Arem


            On this web page I review the major steps for managing math anxiety.


National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism

          This article asks the question: Does Drinking Reduce Stress?   It reviews all the research related to this age-old question.


Stress and Your Health

          This is an article in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and it is on the effects of chronic stress on your health.

Stress, Behavior and Your Heart

          From the Yale School of Medicine Library we get this excellent chapter by Matthew Burg PhD on stress and heart disease.  It discusses how stress works, the psychosocial factors, and risk of heart disease, type A behavior,  and excellent ways to modify the risk of stress.


National Institute on Drug Abuse

          This is an excellent article on the effects of stress on substance abuse.  It was a special report that came out on the impact of the 9/11 terror attacks.


Stress and Children

          This website discusses how to manage stress when dealing with children.

Four Great Way to Deal with Stress

          This American Heart Association website discusses four great ways to deal with stress including emergency stress toppers, finding pleasure, positive self-talk, and daily relaxation.


10 Stress Management tips

          This New Mexico State University gives us 10 excellent tips to deal with stress.


Women's Health

          This website is an excellent source for information women's health and stress.


Stress in College

          This Morehead State University website discusses causes of stress in college students.


Effects of Stress and Psychological Disorders on the Immune System

          This is an excellent series of short articles discussing stress and our immune function.


Diagramming the Stress Response

          This website shows a diagram of how stress affects our body.


The American Institute of Stress

          This website lists the 50 most common signs of stress and it diagrams the effects of stress on our body.


Overview of Stress

This articles from the University of Maryland Medical Center.  Be sure to check out its many links.


A Comprehensive Understanding of Stress

          This article goes into the signs, symptoms, causes and effects of stress.  It is very thorough.

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