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Brightspace Faculty Support

Welcome to the Brightspace Faculty Support site—a resource for PCC faculty.

Brightspace has introduced a continuous upgrade cycle for its course management system! The changes in newer versions will include feature enhancements for greater ease of use. The Updates page contains some resources you might find helpful while exploring these changes.

If you aren't trained to teach in Brightspace yet, How to Get Certified in Brightspace provides information on the two ways to get this PCC certification.

PimaOnline Course Development Guide

The Course Development Guide is a resource for faculty who want to improve the quality of their online course and/or develop a new online course. Faculty can compare the criteria in the Guide to their course and adjust accordingly. 

Brightspace Ease of Use Training

If you attended the Brightspace Ease of Use Training, you can view all of the pages from the training at the Brightspace Ease of Use Training page. Or, if you have not attended this training and would like to sign up for an upcoming session, register through OED via MyPima.

About this Site

This site provides a number of Brightspace-related resources to help you get started with Brightspace:

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Note: For technical support, call (520) 206-6310 (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday) or email pimaonline@pima.edu.