Homepage Widgets

One of the improvements that Daylight is making is to be much more responsive to the changing sizes of screens we use to interact with courses. As the screen size gets smaller Brightspace under Daylight will automatically rearrange course content to adapt on the fly.

To maximize the visibility of the most important widgets on your homepage the layout should be the large left with the most important widgets placed to the upper left. Below is a sample of the layout most courses will be using so you can take advantage of the testing others have done.

Changing widget layout is a simple matter:.

  1. First, determine if your homepage is editable. From the course’s homepage scroll to the bottom right and look for the More Options menu which looks like an ellipses (or use the Tab key).
  2. From More Options choose Edit this Homepage.
    1. If you can’t select it then choose Manage Homepages and you can create an editable homepage.
    2. One of the homepages listed will be labeled Active on the right side. Click the small downward facing arrow to the right of the active homepage and select Copy from the menu.
    3. Under the Active Homepages heading choose the copy you just created and use the Apply button to confirm the change.
    4. Now return to the homepage and you should be able to click Edit this Homepage
  3. Scroll down to the Layout section of the page and choose the Change Layout button.
  4. Select the Large Left Panel and use the Update button to confirm the change. (Brightspace will reorder your widgets inconsistently if you select a three-column layout, so that is highly discouraged.)
  5. The layout at the bottom of this page will update to show you what your finished homepage will look like. From here you can add, move, or delete widgets.
    1. Add: Use the Add Widgets button to access the list of available widgets. Click the box to the left of the ones you want, then use the Add button to put them on your page. The typical ones you will want are as follows:
      • Left: Access Google Apps (student Gmail app), Faculty Email (faculty Gmail app), Announcements
      • Right: Updates, Your Instructor widget (where available), NetTutor, Custom course widgets
      • Bottom: PCC D2L Tech Support, Course Feedback Form, Role switch, Students at Risk (This will be enabled later this year, so if you add it now you’ll be ready as soon as it is ready)
    2. Move: Rearrange widgets by dragging the widget by the small area on the left edge of the frame where there is a set of horizontal lines.
    3. Delete: Remove widgets from your course homepage by using the small X at their upper right corner.
  6. When you have the widget layout you like, click the Save and Close button to return to the course home.