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Welcome to the Brightspace Faculty Guide — a resource for PCC faculty.

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New D2L Brightspace Daylight

Daylight is here! On May 23, 2018, Pima Community College turned on the new D2L Brightspace “Daylight” interface and integrated Gmail into our course management system. Please see the following web pages for more information:

Grades Settings FAQ

The Center for Learning Technology has compiled a list of common questions and possible solutions to aid you in addressing your D2L Brightspace Grades tool questions. Please review these FAQ topics and select the topic that meets your needs.

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Brightspace Resources

The Brightspace Learning Environment is software that allows Pima Community College to create and host courses on the internet. Review these Brightspace resources to assist you in creating and/or managing your classes using course management system.

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Teaching Resources

By its very nature, online teaching and learning is different from traditional means of education. You and your students are interacting with each other and your course content without physically being together. This suggests new practices are required. The purpose of these pages is to provide teaching strategies and pedagogical resources for you, the online instructor.

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Human Help

The place to go when you just have to talk to someone about your Brightspace classroom. These pages provide contact information for PimaOnline techsupport and Center for Learning Technology instructional designers.

Subscription Training

Provides Pima Community College instructors with unlimited access to on-demand and live virtual Brightspace training. This training enables Pima to keep instructors up-to-date with the latest improvements from D2L Brightspace. Register now!

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Quick Links

PimaOnline Course Development Guide

A resource for faculty who want to improve the quality of their online course and/or develop a new online course.

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Brightspace Ease of Use Training Page

If you attended the Brightspace Ease of Use Training, you can view all of the pages from the training at the Brightspace Ease of Use Training page.

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The Announcements tool enables you to create news items that help communicate course updates, changes, and new information to your users quickly and effectively. Since My Home or Course Home is the first page that users often see when they log in or access their courses, the News widget is a good area for displaying important information.

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Course homepages are made up primarily of informational boxes known as widgets. When you first login to your course, you will see some college-wide widgets on your My Home page. You can customize your Course Home page by adding, removing or reorganizing widgets.

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Note: For technical support, call (520) 206-6310 (8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday) or complete the PimaOnline D2L Technical Support form.