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Brightspace Navigation

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Navigating Inside a Course

The primary navigation tool for a course is the course navigational bar, or navbar, which is always located at the top of the screen and displays menus that contain links to the tools available in your course.

Within each tool there are tool menus to navigate to different sections and pages, and tabs to switch between sections within a page.

Calendar tool highlighting the menus and tabs that can be used to navigate within a course.

Making Things Happen: Action Icons

Brightspace makes extensive use of icons to initiate tasks and actions. To find out what an icon does, hover your mouse over it; an explanation appears above the icon.

Classlist tool highlighting the Multi Action icons and in-list icons.

Making Things Happen: Lists

Brightspace often presents information in the form of interactive lists that you can search and sort. When a list is long, items are split across multiple pages so that the list loads quickly; you can jump to any page and change how many items appear on each page.

Note: If you select items in a list and then move to another page within the list, the items are no longer selected even though they are part of the same list.

Discussions with navigation tools like Search, Jump to Page, Next/Previous, Sort by, etc. highlighted.

Getting Help

Help, help icons (Help icon) appear throughout Brightspace, providing you with ready information about the specific page and tool that you are using. It’s like a helpful nudge whenever you’re a little stuck. There is a Help link always available on the navbar.

Discussion Settings highlighting where to find Help information including the Help Menu and teh Help Icons.

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