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Course Content

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When you access the course content through the Content Browser, you are taken directly to that page in the Content tool.

The Content Browser widget and the Content link in the navbar can be used to access course content

For example, if an "Introduction to the Course" page from the instructor has been added to the Content Browser and you select its link, you are taken to that introductory page.

The Content link will take you to a Table of Contents while the Content Browser allows you to navigate to individual content items

Course Modules

Typically, your course will be organized with one or more learning modules. Learning modules are used to organize and deliver online course materials to you; one way to think of learning modules is as "online lectures." (You're already somewhat familiar with learning modules, as this Course Content tutorial has been organized into a learning module!)

When you open a learning module, there are two ways to navigate the learning module content:

  1. The Table of Contents - Will be found at the top left-hand corner of each content page. It is expandable and collapsible by clicking its tab. You can navigate through the learning module by selecting the linked title of the page where you want to go. You can also move to the previous or next module by selecting the left arrow iconprevious and right arrow iconnext arrows to the left and right of the module title in the Table of Contents.
  2. The Previous and Next buttons - Will be found at the top and bottom right-hand corners of each content page. You can navigate through the learning module by selecting the Previous and Next buttons.

You can always return to the course's main Table of Contents by selecting the Table of Contents link in the top left frame.

Navigating Course Content

The following buttons and icons will help you navigate course content. From within a content topic page:

Each icon in the Content Viewer is pointed out, including bookmarking, opening the topic in a new tab/window, navigating to the previous or next page, and printing


Next, let's look at some of the other Brightspace course tools and how you can use them.

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