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Common Brightspace Tools

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Some Brightspace tools are used throughout your Brightspace course.


You have new set of interactive tool options to use in your Brightspace classes! PimaOnline has added the YouSeeU interactive video tools to Pima Community College's course management system. The integration of the YouSeeU tool into PCC's Brightspace platform includes these two tools:

Video Assignments tool

This tool, found in the Assessments dropdown menu, gives you a place to record videos. These videos can be informational or tied to class assessments.

Virtual Classroom tool

This tool, found on the main navigation bar, gives you a place to participate in "virtual" (synchronous) video classroom sessions scheduled by your instructor. In addition to interacting "live" with your fellow students and instructor, your instructor can share their computer desktop and work with an online whiteboard.YouSeeU logo

To facilitate their use in Brightspace, YouSeeU has created knowledge bases for students. Please use these resources to explore how you can use these new tools in your Brightspace classroom.

D2L - Student YouSeeU knowledge base

The Calendar Tool

Your class events will automatically display in the Calendar tool for every course you are enrolled in until you adjust your Calendar settings.

Warning: Not all instructors will use the Calendar tool to display course deadlines! Please do not rely solely on the Calendar tool for deadline notifications. You must check the deadlines and dates listed in your course's materials to be aware of all of your deadlines.

Filtering your Calendar Events

Follow these steps to filter your Calendar to show only the events for the current course you are in:

  1. Select the Course Resources link, located on the navbar, and choose the Calendar tool.
  2. Select theDropdown arrow icondropdown arrow next to the course name link.
  3. Choose the course for which you want to view calendar events.
Screenshot showing steps to filter Calendar events by course

Adding Attachments

While using various Brightspace tools, you may want to upload files from your local computer to your Brightspace course. For example, to submit an assignment, you may need to upload a Microsoft Word file that contains your submission, or you may want to attach a file to an Email message.

If uploading a file is an option within the assignments tool you are using, you will see an Add a File button within the selected assignment page.

The assignments tool Add File Screen

Screenshots of sequence of popup windows and buttons used to upload a file to the assignments tool

The Email Tool Add Screen

When creating Email messages, the Upload button appears at the bottom of the Compose New Message screen. When you select Upload, the Content Browser appears in a pop-up window.

Sequence of screens, buttons, and windows that are used to attach a file to an email

*Alternatively, from both the assignments and Email tools, you may drag and drop a file directly from your computer into the Upload window.


You can access grades when you want to check how you are doing academically. Here you will be able to see your grades on the individual assignments that you submit. If your instructor makes any comments about your assignments, you will be able to view them here as well. By selecting the Statistics iconView statistics icon for the individual assignment, you will be able to see the class average, and a graphical representation of your mark in comparison to others.

When your grades are published, they appear on your personal Grades page in the course. Depending on how your grades are set up, you might also be able to view comments and overall class performance statistics.

Grades tool highlighting different tools (i.e. print) and fields (i.e. comments)

The HTML Editor

The HTML Editor displays controls for common word processing tasks, such as underlining, bullets, insert images, Quicklinks and tables, and check spelling, as well as controls to insert objects such as Flash animation files and videos.

HTML editing options available when typing in D2L

The HTML Editor has three ways in which you can view content: the Design view, HTML Source view, and Preview. The Design view loads automatically when you access the HTML Editor. To open HTML Source view or Preview, select theEdit HTML Source iconEdit HTML Source orHTML Preview iconPreview icons in the bottom left of the HTML Editor page. A new window opens with the selected view.

Use theHTML Toggle iconToggle full screen mode icon in the bottom left corner of the HTML Editor to maximize or minimize the default view. You can also select and drag the bottom right corner of the HTML Editor to resize the HTML Editor.

In the HTML Editor Advanced tab, one useful control option is the Equation Editor. This is great tool to use in your online math and science courses.

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