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Course Content and Tools Practice Review

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Course Content Home Page (Course Home)

The Course Home is where the parts of your course are organized and presented. You can open the content on the Course Home by selecting a link.

  1. Remember: Try to avoid using your internet browser Back/Forward buttons to navigate your way through the course. Use the course tool icons and the Learning Module Previous and Next buttons to move through the course.
  2. From wherever you are in the course, you can return to the Course Home page by selecting the name link of the course on the left side of the minibar.

Course Tools

  1. If you need to upload a file within the assignments tool, you will use the Add a File button. With Email messages, use the Upload button. Alternatively, drag and drop the file to the Upload area from either tool.
  2. View overall class performance statistics withStatistics iconView Statistics.
  3. The HTML Editor displays controls for common word processing tasks and other advanced controls.

Course Content

You can navigate to Course Content in two different ways.

  1. Use the Content tool link in the navbar.
  2. Select an item directly from the Content Browser widget.

Learning Modules

After selecting a learning module, you will find a Table of Contents at the top of the page on the left hand side of the active window. The Table of Contents can be expanded and collapsed. You may navigate through the content by either selecting any item in the table of contents or use the Previous and Next buttons that appears at the top right of each content page.

Navigating Content

Use the following buttons and icons in Content:


  1. From wherever you are, select the Help dropdown menu on the upper right corner of your screen to find links to helpful resources.

Congratulations! You've completed the Course Content and Tools Review. Let's take an in-depth view of some of the key Brightspace tools. We'll look at the Communication Tools first.

Please note: This is the last page of content in this learning module. To navigate to the next learning module, select the 3. Communication Tools link on the navigation bar to the left.

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