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Discussion Topics and Threads

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Discussion Forum and Topic List

Discussion forums and topics are listed on the main screen of the Discussions tool. Your instructor may provide a brief description of the topic, elaborating on the subject or providing instructions or suggestions. You and your classmates can post messages in response to the topic as well as respond to one another's messages.

You enter the discussion board by selecting a discussion topic. Each discussion forum (e.g., Module Discussions) will have one or more topics associated with it. The numbers of posted messages are shown to the right of the discussion topic name. You enter the discussion topic by selecting the topic name. Once inside the topic you can navigate through the various threads by selecting the Subject. Using the and + signs you can minimize the viewing threads as well.

To return to the full Forums and Topics list, you can select the Discussion List link in the upper left corner of the window.

Discussion Threads

Sample Discussion topic thread

A series of replies to the same message is called a thread. You are probably already familiar with threads, as threads in the Discussions tool are just like the threads that are created in a typical email. For example, when someone sends you an email and you reply to it, the subject heading does not change and the sender's message appears below yours; this is a thread. Alternatively, if you were to compose a new message rather than reply to the original message, the messages are not threaded.

There can be multiple threads within a topic.

Discussions are time sensitive and may be locked or removed as the semester goes on.

Now that you're familiar with topics and threads, let's look at navigating the Discussions tool.

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