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About Pager

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The Pager Tool

The Pager tool is like an instant messaging (IM) service that allows you to determine whether other students are connected to D2L at the same time you are and allows you to contact them at will. You will be able to pose questions to others on a one-to-one basis, removing some of the the anxiety normally found in a classroom setting.

Use the Pager to:

How does the Pager Tool differ from the Email Tool?

Fundamentally, the difference between the Pager tool and Email is the notion of synchronous verses asynchronous communication. This means that when you use the Pager tool, you are aware that other students have logged in and are willing to accept messages. Unlike Email, Pager messages can only be sent to students who are logged into D2L and are accepting messages. If students are not logged in, you do not have the ability to send them messages.

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Using Pager

The Pager tool is located in the Communication dropdown menu on the course navigational bar. It can also be accessed by selecting theMessages iconMessages icon in the minibar and choosing Go to Pager. Once selected, a new window will open that features the Pager tool.

Sending Pages

From the Pager tool window, do one of the following:

You may then type a message and choose Send.

Receiving Pages

When you receive incoming pager messages, aMessages notification iconred dot on the Messages icon on the minibar appears as a notification. Read an incoming page by selecting the Pager link on the Communication dropdown on the navigation bar, or select the Messages icon on the minibar to go to the Pager tool.

You can view your Pager logs by selecting the a user’s name from your Friends tab. You can then select View All to view the paging history with that user.

Personal Contacts

You can set up a list of Pager Personal Contacts:

Adding Contacts

  1. Select theAdd a Friend iconAdd Friend icon on the Pager tool Friends window.
  2. Search for a name, check the box next to the name of the user you want to add, and selectAdd a Friend iconAdd as Friend to add the user to your Friends list.

Removing Contacts

  1. Select the checkboxes next to users you want to remove from the Pager tool Friends window.
  2. Select theRemove friend iconRemove all selected users from your Friends list icon.


Now that you're familiar with the Pager tool, let's look at the Chat tool.

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