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Navigating Email

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The Email Screen

The Email tool will appear in the Communication dropdown menu on the course navigational bar. When you select the Email link, the main screen for the Email tool appears.

The Email screen initially displays your Inbox, which lists all of the messages that have been sent to you; new messages appear in bold. To view a message, select its Subject title. Depending on your settings, the message either appears in a pop-up window or in the reading pane below the message list, where you can reply to or forward the message.

Email message preview pane and options

As well as opening and reading messages, you can do the following from the Email screen:

Sending Email Messages

To send a message, from the Email screen, select the Compose button at the top of the screen. The Compose New Message screen appears.

The Compose New Message Screen

Compose New Message screen with details on icons and entry fields

Compose Message Options

Option Description

Address Book

Select the Address Book button to open, in a pop-up, an address book containing your contacts. Use the Address Book to quickly fill in the To, Cc and Bcc fields. In this window, choose the name(s) you wish to email. The Address Book will list all the potential recipients in Brightspace alphabetically by first or last name. Since this extensive list can be unmanageable, you may wish to use the Filter By dropdown menu to select just the other students in your class. To do that, change the Filter By dropdown menu to your course (listed by CRN number and course title).


Use the Address Book to populate these fields with Brightspace email addresses. Select the Add CC or BCC links from the Compose screen to activate these fields.


Specify a subject line in this field.


Set the priority for this message as Low, Normal (default setting), or High. This priority setting will appear next to your message in the receiver's Inbox.

Spell Check Spell Check icon

Select the Spell Check icon to check your message for misspellings.

Preview Preview icon

Select the Preview icon to have a look at your message before sending it.


Browse for and add attachments to your message using the Upload and Record Audio buttons. Use Upload more than once to add multiple attachments. Or, drag and drop files into the Upload area.


Select Cancel to cancel the message you are composing. (Not applicable to Send-Only configurations.)

Save as Draft

Select Save as Draft to save the message you are composing (with any attachments) to the Drafts folder without sending it. (Brightspace Email only.)


After composing your email and adding any attachments. Select the Send button to send it. A message will display either confirming that your message has been sent or letting you know the message could not be sent.

Please Note: You may either enter names or email addresses into the To: box and the system will auto-complete the address from your email contacts, or you may browse for a recipient. To select the course member or members to whom you want to send the message, select Address Book. The names of your classmates, your teaching assistant, and instructor appear in a pop-up window, where you can select whether you want to send the message To the recipients, or Cc or Bcc them.

Notes about Attachments

If you add an attachment and want to delete it before sending, select the Remove icon beside the attachment.

The size of the attachments you are able to send is determined by Pima Community College. You will receive a warning message if your attachment is larger than the allowable size.

Let's take a quick look at navigating and using the Classlist tool next.

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