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About Classlist

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Classlist is a directory of the names, emails, and the group setup which allows you quick access and a full list of fellow users. Users who are online appear with a small green dot next to their name. Users who are offline do not show this green dot next to their name. To view a user's personal profile, select their profile picture to the left of their name. Note: If they have not uploaded a profile picture, you will see this icon:Profile picture icon. If they have added a homepage to their profile, the home icon will be highlighted.

You can use the Classlist tool to chat in real time with users who are enrolled in any of your courses and logged in to the Brightspace Learning System at the same time you are logged in. You can access the Classlist tool from your Course Home.

The Classlist tool is similar to the Chat tool except that you use the Classlist tool to chat with users without first entering a course. You use the Chat tool to chat with users only while you are in a particular course.

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Classlist includes the following features:


This page allows you to edit your user profile. When someone looks up your user, they will be shown this information. If you are not comfortable revealing any of the information, simply leave it blank. To upload a picture of yourself for others to see, simply use the Change Picture button below, locate the picture you'd like to upload, and either drag and drop it into the Upload area or select it and choose Upload. Finally, select Done.

The Online status iconOnline Status icon displays beside the names of other students who are currently online.

Now that we've covered some of the basics of navigating and working with the Communication Tools, let's review some of the key Communication tools.

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