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Submitting Assignments

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Submitting Assignments to the Assignments Folder

To open an assignment or submission, simply select its title. When you access an assignment from the assignments, the assignment opens in a screen that provides you with the assignment instructions and due date. Your instructor might also attach a file for you to download with additional information regarding the assignment.

From this screen, you can upload your assignment submission by attaching a file that contains your submission. You may also record audio to accompany your submission.

Sequence of buttons and windows for submitting an assignment to a assignments

Submit an Assignment to the assignments Folder

To submit an assignment, simply select the folder into which you want to place it and select Add. Then either select Upload to browse for your file, or drag and drop* your file into the upload area. Select Done. You can then add a brief description of the file in the comments area and choose Submit. If you wish to view a file you have already submitted, simply select the number link in the Submissions column from the main assignments Folders page.

From the main assignments page, select the folder where you want to submit an assignment.

Do the following:

  1. Select Add to browse for the file you want to submit. You can attach files from your local computer or storage device. You can either drag and drop* the file to the Upload area or you can select Upload and locate the file.
  2. If you wish to record a message for your instructor, choose the Record Audio button to record an audio file directly within the submission folder. Ensure your microphone is set up correctly and choose the Record button. Select Flash Settings to make adjustments to your microphone selection and volume. Select Clear to erase your recording.
  3. Enter any Comments you want to submit with the file.
  4. Select Submit.

*Note: The drag and drop function does not work in Internet Explorer.

Please note: If your instructor has used a rubric against which submissions are evaluated, they may include it on the assignments feedback page so you know how your submission is evaluated and what learning objectives the folder is related to.

Rubrics are an assessment tool used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently. If rubrics are used in your course, they will be listed in the Rubrics tool, found in the Assessments dropdown menu on your course navigational bar.

You may be required to work on an assignment individually or with other students in a group. We'll look briefly at these options next.

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