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Assignment Collaboration Options

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Assignments can be assigned to individual students or to groups of students. The following describes the differences between the two options.


When assignments are assigned to individual students, all students in the class receive the same assignment. You must work independently on the assignment and, if the assignment is gradable, you receive your own grade.

Example: For an Education course, you might receive a text with attachments assignment, instructing you to submit a lesson plan based on your favorite children's book. You would work independently, submit an individual lesson plan, and you would receive an individual grade.


When assignments are assigned to groups of students, you must work collaboratively or cooperatively with other students, and all students within your group receive the same grade. Your instructor may assign you to a group or you may have the option of signing-up for the group of your choice.

Example: For an Art History course, you might receive a group assignment to complete a website that describes the work of the artists of the Renaissance. Your group would submit a single website, and all students within the group would receive the same grade.

Submitting Group Assignments to an Assignments Folder

Group assignments folders have a Group submission icon Group Folder icon beside their name. Any user in your group can submit files to the group folder. The Submissions column in the Folder List lets you know how many files your group submitted. The Submission History page provides details on who submitted files and when. Feedback, including grades, associated with group folders applies to the entire group.

From the main assignments page, select the folder you want to submit an assignment to.

Do the following:

Select Submit.

Now that you understand the types of assignments you might encounter, let's look at reviewing Submission History and Feedback.

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