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Reviewing Submission History and Feedback

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Viewing Your Submissions

Once you submit your assignment in the assignments folder, it appears in the Submissions section and you will receive an email confirmation. From this section, you can review your submission, but you can't make any changes to your work.

Once your instructor grades your submission, you can view your score and comments from the Feedback section, although your instructor may not release your grade immediately.

Assignments Tool History

Submission history for the assignments tool

On the assignments Folders page, select the View History button.

Choose the Folder you want to view submissions for from the dropdown menu; select Apply.

A list of submitted files displays on the Submission History page. You can check each file’s size, when it was submitted, and whether the instructor has marked it as read. For group assignments folders, you can check who submitted each file.

Viewing Feedback

From the assignments Folders page, select theFeedback iconView icon in the Feedback column for a folder.

View your comments, grades, and/or rubric achievement.

Select Download All Files to download any attachments.

Dropbox feedback notifications


Dropbox view feedback example with a rubric.

You're ready to complete and submit assignments using assignments! Let's take a look at taking and submitting quizzes next.

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