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About Quizzes

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The Quizzes Tool

The Quizzes tool is used to deliver online tests on course material.

As with the quizzes in a regular classroom environment, the quizzes in Brightspace give you the opportunity to gauge your understanding of course content and receive feedback from your instructor.

Quiz Types

In Brightspace, there are three types of quizzes: Quizzes, Self Assessments and Surveys.

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Quizzes are online tests that your instructor will use to test your knowledge of course content and for which you are assigned a grade.

Example: The course midterm or final exam is typically a quiz.

Self Assessments

Self Assessments are online tests that allow you to test your knowledge of course content. No grades are assigned to Self Assessments.

Self Assessments are purely for your own benefit. As you answer questions, feedback is set up to return information to you about whether you answered each questions correctly or not and what the correct answer is so that you can learn from it.

Example: Self Assessments are often included in learning modules to allow you to gauge how well you understand the material that was covered.


Surveys are online assessments for which no grades are assigned.

Surveys may or may not be anonymous. If anonymous, your instructor can see whether you have completed the survey, but the survey submission itself is anonymous.

Example: Surveys are typically used to canvas students' opinions on an issue covered in class or to allow students to anonymously evaluate the course.

Quiz Features

The Quizzes tool also has the following features:

The Quizzes tool will appear in the Assessments dropdown menu on the course navigational bar. If you select the Quizzes link, you are taken to the main screen for the Quizzes tool. Alternatively, your instructor may add a quiz to the Action Menu of a learning module. If you select the quiz link, you are taken to a screen that contains that specific assessment.

Important! Brightspace refers to all graded assessments (exams, tests, etc.) as quizzes and they are handled through the Quizzes link and interface. Surveys (i.e. Course Evaluations) and Self Assessments are considered separate items with their own links in the Assessments dropdown menu on your course navigational bar.

Now that you're familiar with the different types of quizzes, let's look at navigating and using the Quizzes tool.

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