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Navigating Quizzes

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When you access the Quizzes tool from the Assessments dropdown menu on the course navigational bar, you are taken to the main screen for the Quizzes tool, which lists all of the quizzes that are currently available to you.

The Quizzes homepage lists the Past, Current and Future Quizzes. You can quickly see the date and time the quiz starts and the attempts available.

The Quizzes Screen

Below the quiz title, you'll see the start time for the quiz, and, optionally, a brief description. When you select a quiz title, an information page for the quiz opens.

Quiz List example

Quiz Information

Here you can see a quiz description, introduction and instructions. You are also shown the quiz specifics, such as Quiz Period, Time Allowed and Attempts. If you have completed the quiz, you can see your results by selecting theReports iconReports link from the dropdown menu. Also statistics may be available by selecting theSubmissions iconSubmissions link from the dropdown menu.

If you have more questions about the quiz or technical concerns, select the Help dropdown menu on the navbar to find resources.

Your quiz may offer a variety of different types of questions. Question types that may be found in Brightspace include the following:

Now let's look at what taking an online quiz in Brightspace is like.

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