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Basic Computer Skills: Get Computer and Tech Savvy

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When taking an online class, it's important to feel comfortable with technology and using your computer. The following information and online resources may be helpful to you if you need to improve your basic computer and technology skills.

Naturally, Pima Community College offers some great introductory computer skills classes:

CSA089 - Beginning Computer Skills. This course includes basic computer skills, computer terminology, Windows use, handling files, and word processing (Word Pad).

CSA100/101 - Computer Literacy and Computer Fundamentals. These courses include overviews of computer applications and functions.

In addition, the PCC Library has assembled a Research Guide for Computer Science.

Please note: all PCC campuses offer fully-staffed Computer Commons areas that you can use for word processing, email, and logging into your online classes. The staff are trained to assist you with your computer-related questions and all you will need to access these resources is a bar-coded student identification card.

Additionally, the Pima County Public Library system offers a variety of free face-to-face computer classes at their local branches. They also offer several Online Tutorials to improve your computer skills.

Some other online resources:

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