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Brightspace Tutorials and Resources from Other Universities and Colleges

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Please note: Since these tutorials were created by other institutions, they may include several Brightspace tools and functions (and their corresponding tutorials) that are not available at Pima Community College. While the following institutions provide tutorials addressing nearly every Brightspace tool and function you would want to know about, each offers a different mix of tool tutorials and means of training.

University of Arizona

The Office of Instruction and Assessment at The University of Arizona has created a Brightspace Help website with resources typically available in both PDF and Video formats.

The Office of Instruction and Assessment at U of A has graciously given us permission to provide these resources to you.

University of Colorado Boulder

UC Boulder offers a Brightspace resources area on their website which includes a series of tutorials for navigating in and using Brightspace.

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Learning Technology Center offers a collection of Brightspace 10.0 resources.

Maryville University

The Learning Design and Technology (LDT) department of Maryville University has created a series of Brightspace QuickGuides that correspond to the various Brightspace tools.

Millersville University

The Millersville IT Help Desk has created an interactive Brightspace Resources Space with tutorials on the various Brightspace version 10 tools.

University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences

The Online Program of the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences has created a series of 10.1 Changes downloadable PDF files.

Arapahoe Community College

The Arapahoe Community College eLearning department offers a variety of PDF and video 10.1 Brightspace resources at their Faculty Resources website.

Portland Community College

The Portland Community College Instructional Support department has created a series of side-by-side video comparisons between Brightspace 9.4.1 and Brightspace 10.1.

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