MathXL ( is an online program made by the textbook publisher. I think that you will find it to be a great learning tool - it is filled with resources from video to step-by-step problem-solving guidance. It also allows you to review your quizzes and homework assignments immediately after you take them so that you can see how you did. While it is a wonderful resource for this course, it does have some quirks, which I will discuss below.

First, though, the computer requirements: you will need access to a computer with the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player (Note that MathXL is installed on the computers at the Computer Commons at each Pima campus, so you can always go there to complete the MathXL portions of the course.)

You will also need an access code to get into MathXL. If you bought the correct textbook package, you already have an access code for MathXL. If, however, you bought the textbook, but not the full package listed in the syllabus, or you purchased a used book, you will need to buy an access code from the MathXL website.

Once you have an access code and have logged in, you will need to enroll in the course. Look for the enroll tab on the 'My Courses' page. This will bring up a drop-down menu from which you can select our campus, which is listed as Pima CC - Comm Campus. Then select your instructor (Joseph Erker) and course (Math 151, College Algebra, Spring 2009). Be sure you select the right course!

After you've logged in and installed the necessary software, you should look for the link "Homework and Tests" on the upper left. From there the current quiz & homework assignment should be available. There are also practice tests for extra exercise and review. Underneath the Homework and Tests link is a link called "Study Plan". In there, you'll find more practice problems on different topics. In this part of MathXL you can get feedback to determine which on topics you need the most review/practice.

Grading: You will notice that MathXL grades your assignments automatically. It is not always 100% accurate! It can also be very picky about the format that it wants an answer submitted in, so be sure to follow instructions carefully. I am happy to review any problem that you feel may have been graded incorrectly - simply send me an email with the assignment name and the problem number, along with the reason you feel that the problem may have been graded incorrectly, and I'll get back to you with an explanation and a decision on the grade. One final note on this subject: MathXL typically specifies the form that an answer should be given in (fraction form, decimal form with the answer rounded to three decimal places, simplified as much as possible, etc.) You need to follow those instructions to the letter, otherwise your answer will be marked as incorrect by MathXL and by me.

The only mandatory parts of the course that you do in MathXL are the quizzes, and the homework assignments. All else in MathXL is there as a resource/study guide. However, I encourage you to take advantage of what is available there, and I hope that you find it helpful.

if you are ready, enter MathXL. That web site is where you get an access code if you don't already have one.