drawing of the Colosseum attributed to Jan Asselijn

Week 8


Weekly Quiz
Points: 20

Group Research & Bibliography
Points: 100

In this assignment, you will work for the first time with your randomly assigned group members. As you meet virtually or in person, be clear about which group member is expected to complete which task(s), and document your respective responsibilities. If there are issues later with unfulfilled assignments, I will need evidence to hold failing group members accountable.

This is the first step your group will take toward the final completed project: a presentation of your findings regarding the life, work, and details concerning a ‘traveler’ from western civilization. As you begin your research keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Consider possible topics and writers that interest all members of the group and generate a list of some mutually agreed upon choices. Discuss and vote on your one final selection.
  2. You may choose a writer I have already used in our primary source readings, but if you do so, expect to research at greater depth and with more supporting evidence than what you provided in your weekly synopsis.
  3. Your choice of voyage can be imaginary or partially imaginary like The Odyssey. In this case, your group research would identify what is accepted as fact by the scholarly community, and what is currently considered invention.
  4. Generate a bibliography of at least 6 academic resources. You may not use Wikipedia as a source, but you can use it to find other credible sources for your paper.
  5. Follow the guidelines here to write an annotated bibliography:

Your bibliography must meet the following requirements:

Group Presentation

Remember that your Group Presentation is due in week 16:

For your final group project you will be creating a living dialogue. It will be published so that your classmates can access it. It is meant to be experienced digitally and exists virtually. Like any good imaginative experience, it should have a mixture of text, sound, images, video and links. Your final dialogue must be accessible online. Use one of the following tools to help make your vision a reality:

This assignment is worth 100 points, so put the work and effort into it that it deserves. The major themes, words and concepts from your group dialogue must be reflected here in this last assignment. You and your group are welcome to add additional information too, but anything new must include citations where appropriate. Remember to observe the following guidelines:

Check the due dates carefully. All work is due at 11:55 P.M. on the due date. Due dates are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor who will inform the students via the Announcements on the course Homepage.


Text is licensed CC-BY by Julianna Wilson, Pima County Community College.

"Blik in het Colosseum" from the Rijksmuseum is a public domain image.

"Map of the World from the best authorities" from the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division is a public domain image.